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Our GFSI-certified bones and chews meet the standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative. GFSI certification is determined by a third-party, internationally recognized food safety audit.

The majority of Pet Carousel premium bones and chews meet the standards for “natural” as defined by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) 2014 Official Publication. The AAFCO defines natural as “derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources, either in its unprocessed state or having been subject to physical processing, heat processing, rendering, purification, extraction, hydrolysis, enzymolysis or fermentation, but not having been produced by or subject to a chemically synthetic process and not containing any additives or processing aids that are chemically synthetic except in amounts as might occur unavoidably in good manufacturing practices.” The AAFCO is a voluntary association of local, state, and federal agencies charged by law to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and drug remedies.

Chewing is good for dogs.

Puppies chew when teething, but chewing can be a sign of boredom in dogs of all ages. Providing a bone or chew for a dog to chew can alleviate unwanted chewing of shoes, furniture and other items that don't belong to the dog - and still allow the dog to satisfy its natural instincts.

Chewing can be good for dogs' teeth and gums. Pet Carousel bones and chews often last longer than chew toys, too. Just be sure to follow the tips on our packaging:

  • Always supervise a dog with a bones or chew.
  • Discard small fragments.
  • Wash hands before and after handling.
  • Use in stain-resistant area.

"Bones can offer a solution for very active chewers that need a safe outlet to prevent the destruction of household items. Clean bones won't have a negative impact on nutritional balance because they don't provide calories - just minerals. Always remember to monitor dogs chewing bones, because bones can occasionally fracture teeth and swallowed portions of a bone could cause obstructions."

Julie A. Churchill, DVM PhD. Dipl. ACVN
Associate Professor, Nutrition
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

What else should you know?

Here's a quick overview of our different products - and why dogs love them.

  • Bones: They're a great source of calcium and will occupy a dog longer than other chews.
  • Chews: Long-lasting treats sourced from livestock. Many of our chews are digestible.
  • Choo-Hooves™: These long-lasting treats soften as the dog chews.
  • Jerky: These treats provide dogs with the instant gratification of a tasty, natural snack.
  • Tendon: Natural chew that's a popular alternative to rawhides.

Treats for chewers of all sizes.

Pet Carousel product labels often include what size of dog a treat would be suitable for. This is how we define dog sizes.

Small dog breeds (3-20 lbs.)

include Chihuahuas, Dachshunds and Pugs.

Medium dog breeds (20-40 lbs.)

include Beagles, Cocker Spaniels and Border Collies.

Large dog breeds (40-90 lbs.)

include German Shepherds, Irish Setters and Retrievers.

Big or extra-large breeds (90 lbs. and larger)

include Mastiffs, Saint Bernards and Great Danes.

Many of our bones and chews are suitable for dogs of all sizes.